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All The Bad Advise You Ever Gave Me - And Every Truth I Ignored

Posted by soulconstance , 09 August 2013 · 136 views

How can I push back the stinging rain
like thunderbolts arching inside of me,
and I pray to Poseidon (as if he can hear my plea)
that the rivers flood
till the entire world
is writhing at "sea level"
with me.

Then I wake to realize that other beings require the sun
and every morning epiphany
that I have danced around.


I have no desire to hurt anyone, but I have such strange dreams.
Purposely intended to be misunderstood...
just as I misunderstand everyone around me.
Who are you? What do you need?
I know you no more than you know me?

I'd rather not make assumptions.
But I always become confused, when I express myself... the world lashes back...
but I forget that the rest of the world lives on hope....
and I've been in the depths of the ocean for too long....
I don't even remember what the sun looks like.


Trigger Warning

Warning: Some of my poetry and prose may be triggering. I write just about as much about survivor issues as I do about love.
Please keep yourself safe.

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