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I Will Follow You Into The Dark


Still Here... Just!

Posted by fader , in Mental Health, Personal 15 July 2011 · 140 views

I haven't posted in ages, but I was away from the board for a while after my dad suddenly died at the end of 2010. Naturally, I've been finding it very hard to deal with that on top of everything else - the last six months have been so difficult.

Add to that a useless psychiatrist who - despite his promises - neglected to refer me to the local PT...



Posted by fader , in Mental Health, Personal 17 October 2010 · 127 views

Do you ever feel like there are times you're screaming into a void?

Do you ever feel like no-one is listening?

Do you ever feel that no-one has noticed that you're so obviously in pain?

Does everyone you know think you're a sensible, stable person who is 'coping' very well, when you're quite clearly not?

Are you tired of being...


Chaos in the kitchen!

Posted by fader , in Personal 05 October 2010 · 152 views

I love to cook, but I don't often get the chance to do so - living alone and lacking a freezer means that it's a real fiddly pain to handle portion sizes etc.

However, some friends in a similar position and I have decided to cook together every once in a while. Doing so would mean we weren't eating junk, we knew exactly what had gone into our...


Getting Better?

Posted by fader , in Healing, Personal 20 September 2010 · 116 views

Been really busy recently with exciting plans for new projects, helping to organise a surprise birthday party, having internet and mobile phone crises (boo!), and being my best friend's agony aunt (as usual....).

Oh, and I met the cutest kittens in the world. Ever. Seriously.

Best of all, I've been feeling relatively human, despite the bes...



Posted by fader , in Personal 24 August 2010 · 109 views

Just a quick post to say that I've got the results from my recent smear test back already - and it's (thankfully) all clear. :)

Normally, it takes 2-3 weeks for the results to come through, but they must have processed mine quickly as I got the letter yesterday.

That's one less thing to worry about... Until next year!

Thanks again for t...


Glad that's over!

Posted by fader , in Personal 16 August 2010 · 63 views

I got through the smear test. Just.

There were a few tears in the nurse's office, but she was very kind and made sure it was all over as quickly as possible. All I've got to do now is wait a couple of weeks for the result.

My lovely friends took me out for coffee afterwards and made sure I was OK, which really helped.

I'm now at home, abou...


Pocket riders needed please

Posted by fader , in Mental Health, Personal 15 August 2010 · 76 views

I'm going to have a smear test tomorrow and I need all the support I can get!

Smear tests are pretty unpleasant for any woman; they're uncomfortable, embarrassing and often painful. But for me, they're a nightmare.

I had my usual 5-yearly smear at the end of 2008, and the results showed a large abnormality on my cervix. Biopsies and othe...


In need of a break

Posted by fader , in Mental Health, Personal 12 August 2010 · 79 views

It's gone midnight, and my neighbours are still outside playing football in the car park (not the most sensible thing to do, in my considered opinion!). I'd quite like to go to bed, but that's not going to happen until they go inside - the last time anyone asked them to keep the noise down, that poor individual was on the receiving end of...


An unexpected shock

Posted by fader , in Personal 21 July 2010 · 67 views

Today started really well, went rapidly and depressingly downhill by lunch time, and has ended up in a flurry of technological frustration.

I'll blog about it properly in the morning when I've had more time to process it, but today I had an unexpected encounter with the last person I ever want to see again.


I'm OK, just about. I handle...


A rare good day

Posted by fader , in Mental Health, Personal 20 July 2010 · 90 views

Today was a good day, for a change.

I managed to get it together to actually do a long list of things I've been meaning to get to for weeks. It's good to feel so positive and productive, especially since the last few weeks have seemed to have been one long anxiety attack that felt like it would last for ever.

Of course, there's no guarantee...

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