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my way of coping.

Posted by SomebodyLoveMe , 14 August 2014 · 122 views

I've been having a pretty rough day, but there's nothing to distract me quite like throwing myself into my work. not too long ago I posted about food being my escape from the real world, and I've been posting about a tea party i'm catering for Monday. unfortunately, I start college Monday, so I was supposed to make everything sunday night. well now my prep day has been moved to Saturday. in a way, that's probably best because I need all the rest I can get on sunday, but that makes it a little more overwhelming. i'm not trying to sound lazy, but it's less time for me to prepare for the scary journey awaiting me. I made some macarons, and they're setting up on the counter right now, waiting to go into the oven. it really is a lengthy process. but I got powdered sugar on my puppy. she wouldn't get out from beneath my feet and i'm a tornado in the kitchen.
people really piss me off, man. there are some things you should stay out of unless you fully understand the situation. i posted something on a social media site about my grandma on my dad's side giving me shit about buying a puppy, telling me how cruel it was and belittling me because she doesn't think i'm responsible, and how after that she recruited my aunt to give me shit, too. i'm the only one of the four grandchildren that still makes an effort to stay in contact with her. i never wished anything bad upon her no name calling, no profanity, nothing negative other than how sick i was of her being so mean. but the mother of an exboyfriend back from 2012 decided to flip her lid on me. she doesn't know the fucking half of it. she doesn't know my grandma abuses every medication she can get her hands on. she doesn't know my grandma used to fucking drug my brother and i when we were kids. she doesn't know that my grandma humiliated us for her own entertainment. she knows nothing. therefore, she should have said nothing.

my airman is doing a little better. we sent him a fifth package yesterday, even though we sent the fourth not even a week ago. he can't buy cigarettes where he's at, and requested them, so who am i to turn that down? it's not something i do, but with his situation, i totally get it. i'm bummed i can't send him any of my homemade baked goodies. i always make enough for his friends to have some, too, (they all love me for that.) but that's when he's in the united states. they make it to him on the other side of the country, but i don't think they'd make it to the other side of the world, especially with the heat. my most popular among them are my chocolate or white chocolate dipped pretzel rods rolled in peppermint, i'm despise mint stuff, so those aren't my favorite to make, but they love them, and my white chocolate, peanut butter and marshmallow clusters. those things would be a chocolate puddle by the time they got over there.

cooking not only tends to distract me, but the entire process calms me down. plus i wear a mickey mouse apron from disney world. try to frown in a mickey mouse apron from disney world.(:

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