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having graphic flashbacks.

Posted by SomebodyLoveMe , 13 August 2014 · 106 views

{trigger warning.}
i'll never forget the suspicion that something wasn't right, but i foolishly stifled my intuition.
i'll never forget the look in his eyes. they were dark and empty, like there was no soul behind them.
i'll never forget the sadistic smile on his face, enjoying watching me suffer.
i'll never forget the feeling of his hand around my throat, choking me until my vision faded to black.
i'll never forget the bruises that hand left. they were in the shape of a distinct handprint.
i'll never forget the things he said to me. i can still hear it all.
i'll never forget the time i told my mom. she yelled at me and told me it was my fault for not screaming because she was upstairs.
i'll never forget the scene his sister made, threatening me and telling everyone i was lying.
i'll never forget the interview with the advocate, the little camera and speakers with the police watching in a different room.
i'll never forget the day that they closed the case, saying it was his word against mine.


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