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my airman.

Posted by SomebodyLoveMe , 12 August 2014 · 145 views

oh, god, my airman. we got a call last night. he's having a crisis. physically, it's gonna be okay, but psychologically, he's not doing good. at all. I've always been the unstable one and he's always been the strong one for me. it's my turn to shape up and return the favor. I just want to fly across the world and give him a hug. and build a blanket fort with him, and definitely bring some homemade baked goodies. right now, the most I can do is express ship the carton of marlboro menthols he requested because he claimed to have picked up a bad habit. before he went overseas, he was using an e-cig, but he hit a little snag, and provided the situation, it's the least of anybody's worries.
i'm sitting here trying to type through the tears. i'm trying to fight back all my emotions, so he can have and process his own. i tell people it's alright to have your emotions regardless of the situation, but i can't really convince myself. i feel like it's time for de-stressing and a nap. i think that's the only way i'll be able to keep it together.
please pray for this amazing guy. i can practically see the tears rolling down his face. i can hear his voice and how he sounds when he's upset, but i guarantee this is like nothing i've ever encountered with him before. this is a whole new kind of hell.

Sending strength and compassion.

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