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cheered up.

Posted by SomebodyLoveMe , 10 July 2014 · 93 views

i've been having a hard time lately, but i got to talk to my airman yesterday. since he was relocated, he's been really busy. i'm eight and a half hours behind him, so it's a little harder to sync up whenever he becomes available. it's somewhat frustrating. he's supposed to return home in late september or early october. he's unable to get his care package until somewhere in august when he goes back to his first location, but that will make him appreciate it even more. his current motto is "embrace the suck." he can be obnoxiously positive sometimes. but we sent him a bunch of stuff he requested, some surprises and some extra stuff for his buddies out there.
he likes my new tattoo. the more it heals, the better it looks. unfortunately my neck is still bothering me. it feels like someone put frankenstein bolts through it. the tattoo isn't bothersome at all. it's all from my injury in back december...which i would assume to be healed by now. stubbornness will be my downfall, though.

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