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not sure how i feel about this.

Posted by SomebodyLoveMe , 07 July 2014 · 119 views

so i started reading misery by stephen king today, and i'm pretty hooked, but within the first five chapters it uses *the r word* twice. that's an automatic trigger for me, even though it wasn't in the sexual connotation that comes with it. anyway, it jumped off the page at me and i did my best to shake it off. i kept reading and came across it again. when i read more, i couldn't process anything i was reading because i was so distracted. i don't want to let my weaknesses keep me from doing something as simple as reading a book.
on a more positive note, i got a new tattoo today. that kinda took my mind off of things. got a yellow ribbon on the back of my neck. i'm dealing with a neck injury, but i was assured that it would cause no further damage. the tattoo itself didn't hurt, it was having my head down and my neck bent for so long. it's really good for something so simple, though. i was there for like an hour and a half, and my tattoo artist and i talked about cats almost the whole time. pretty much made my day.

Sorry that it triggered for you. I find myself having "phases" where one week, I was literally watching and reading things on sociopaths or school shootings. Not for entertainment, but it frightens and disturbs me that I cannot stop reading. I know that King can be pretty explicit with his material. Sometimes what I do, and maybe give it a shot, is to read the synopsis of the book so you feel a bit more aware that it will be dealing with any sort of SA or overall triggers for you. I find this helpful at times.

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