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bad news.

Posted by SomebodyLoveMe , 03 July 2014 · 133 views

my airman got his phone temporarily shut off before he went overseas because he wouldn't have gotten service there anyway. so 97% of our communications are through social media sites. you know that noise it makes when someone instant messages you on facebook? that automatically skyrockets my heart rate and brings the biggest, stupidest smile to my face. well, it's not even like that right now. as soon as i saw the words "they're sending me somewhere else." it was like getting punched in the face. he can't tell me exactly where, so all i know is that he's relocating to a less desirable location.
i don't mean for it to seem like i'm making this situation more about me, because i know damn well it's not, but i'm really struggling with this. i'm sure he hits some rough patches, too, but he's so much stronger than me.
he said he wanted to talk via telephone before he left, so i feel like our communication may diminish, and i really don't like that. i really don't like any of this. at all.

This is partly about you. Yes, he is the one over there but you are the one who has to carry on day to day life without him around, you have to worry about if he's ok and about when you'll get to see him again and about getting out of bed in the morning without him, knowing that he's so far away in a dangerous place doing a dangerous job and you can't protect him and he can't protect you. Yes this life is hard on him but it's hard on you too, you are allowed to talk about how it makes you feel, you are allowed to be upset about all this, you are allowed to vent and wine and throw a fit about it (at least in your blog thats ok). I so wish that I could say or do something to make this better for both of you but I can't fix this, all I can say is I'm here, I'm listening. I care. I understand. 



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