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a seriously pointless blurb about my pets.

Posted by SomebodyLoveMe , 25 June 2014 · 150 views

if there's anything i can count on to cheer me up, it'd be my cat. she's such a dainty little princess, but she eats like a piggy and snores like a man. she's a ten year old himalayan with no real name. she just goes by whatever i feel like calling her, and it's funny because she responds. it doesn't confuse her or give her a kitty identity crisis. 
since i lost my poor nanna moose, my golden retriever who had terminal cancer, she's all i have. nanna used to meet us at the door when we got home. for the first while, it was impossible to walk through the door without crying. but somewhere in my cat's heart, she knows we need that greeting, so she does it now. it's precious because she drops her snobby little princess attitude to come say hello and let us love on her. but it's so sad when she sits and stares at the door waiting for nanna to come home. they used to play together. sometimes i still throw my bread crust on the floor for him to eat, and it registers that he's not with us anymore. the vet gave us some of his tail hair in a baggie. it's literally six inches long. i have his collar and his leash. i'm not getting rid of any of those things any time soon.
i just think animals are phenomenal beings. they love you unconditionally. it's impossible to find that in a human.

Jun 25 2014 08:46 PM
My sweet kitty has kept me breathing for 8 years. :-) She knows absolutely everything about me and loves me anyway. Plus, no outfit is complete without cat hair. ;-)

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