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Posted by SomebodyLoveMe , 12 June 2014 · 131 views

possible trigger: this post is related to former self harming habits.
just need to vent.
it's not usually something i talk about, probably because there's nobody i could really talk to about something like this. yesterday, i absent-mindedly threw on a pair of shorts and went out to meet an acquaintance. when i sat down, it revealed all the scars on my thighs. dozens of them. and he flipped out. it wasn't like a concerned flip, he just started telling me how ugly i am. not that my legs are ugly, but me as a whole. that it makes me disgusting. that i'm crazy. that nobody will ever find me attractive.
so today wasn't such a good day. no matter how much i try to deny it, that really hurt my feelings.

How could anyone say such cruel things!?! Of course that hurt your feelings, he was being mean and telling lies. You deserve to be treated so much better than the way he was treating you when he said those things. There are so many people who have those kinds of scars that I've been attracted to at one point or another. If I was in a relationship with someone who had scars like that I'd kiss their scars, every single one. You are not ugly. You are not crazy. You are not unattractive. You are not disgusting, the guy who said those things to you is. I don't have any visible scars from it but I've been down that road in my own ways, it is familiar territory for me, maybe he doesn't understand it. I'm sorry he hurt you hun.

Jun 12 2014 08:44 PM
I agree with Sugar. That's just mean.

Wow. Probably don't need to say this, but that's totally uncalled for and rude.

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