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worried sick.

Posted by SomebodyLoveMe , 29 November 2013 · 202 views

i'm unbelievably paranoid right now. there's a certain situation that has been tearing me apart. every bad scenario possible is running around my head. I'm literally worrying myself sick. I've been curled up in a ball with unbearable tummy pains, and it hurts like hell to even stretch out. it's not the first time that this has happened, but apparently I haven't learned that lesson.

This happens to me all the time. Now I have medication, so I just take that and it goes away, but before that I had to figure it out myself.

Find a place that's quiet.

Curl up into your ball if you need to. If you need to escape.

Take deep breaths.

Clear your mind (as best you can).

Focus on a spot in the room or wherever you are that doesn't make you feel happy or sad. Something neutral.

And pat your hands on something. One then the other. In a slow rhythm. For whatever reason, by lateral movement has a calming effect.

As far as the tummy pains, drink something warm and soothing like tea, coffee, or hot chocolate. A heating pad also did me well.

Good luck.

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