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Posted by SomebodyLoveMe , 05 October 2013 · 227 views

homecoming was tonight. i had planned on going, until the crash. so now, i'm sitting home alone; just me and my thoughts. i never took the tags off of my dress, so i can still return it. it was perfect, though. finding a cute dress that could fit over my belly was no easy task. but now...there's no belly for it to fit over. i keep wondering why things happened the way they did. on top of shit with my insurance company, destroying my car and losing my baby, i have court on the eleventh. so i'm sure i'll at least be fined. i'm not really worried about the money. i'd give everything i have to go back in time. everything. just having a rough night, i guess.

I'm sorry.
Sitting with you if okay
I'm so incredibly sorry for your loss. I wish I had something useful to say...I guess... just know that I read and my heart hurts for you. hang in there...
*hugs* if ok.
I'm so sorry somebodyloveme. Sitting with you and giving you peaceful healing energy :metoyou:

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