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big fight.

Posted by SomebodyLoveMe , 23 September 2013 · 98 views

saturday my boyfriend and i really got into it. maybe it's the pregnancy hormones, hell if i know, but our heated argument turned into a physical altercation. he pushed me, so i got back up and went to confront him. i don't know what i planned on doing when i walked over to him, but he grabbed me by the arms and i scratched him. hard. he looked like he got attacked by a bear or something, because i drew blood. then he got even madder. i was fully prepared for the fight to escalate further...but he just left. it all happened so fast, and i feel really bad about making him bleed. i was growing out my fingernails and they looked really pretty, but i trimmed them all off. none of this is really significant to anything. i just needed to vent.


Not good that you got into an argument with your boyfriend. (My partner and I have had differences too this week). Just one thing I am concerned about though. The fact that he pushed you is not good, especially if you are pregnant. I know that we all can get pushed to the limit and lose control but, in your condition, that is very unacceptable. I hope you are ok. I am glad he left so the fight didn't degenerate further. That is the right thing to do. Just take care of yourself and the life you have growing inside you. All the best! :)

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