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job interview on tuesday.

Posted by SomebodyLoveMe , 09 August 2013 · 70 views

when i lost my job, my confidence went with it. well, i just got a call for a job interview on tuesday. i applied a few weeks ago and i hadn't heard anything, so it kind of caught me off guard. i'm such an awkward person, though. i just hope i don't make a total ass of myself. however, it works in my favor that the executive chef at the restaurant i worked at used to work there. he really liked me and didn't want to fire me, but it was the owner's orders. she's a total bitch, though. i probably should have seen it coming.

so if i get this job, i'll be going from a sixty year old, four star restaurant oddly misplaced in the ghetto to a cute little café in a really mellow hippie town by my school. from like ten dollars an hour to good old minimum wage. from a weekly paycheck, to a paycheck every two weeks. but really is okay. working two nights a week for six months, i made a couple thousand dollars. but i only spent four hundred of that. one hundred on a gps, two hundred on my mom's birthday present, and the rest on little odds and ends. however, considering my circumstances, i must admit that i'm a little worried. but it'll work out. it has to; there's no other option.

i'm starting to believe in myself again, though. a total stranger believes in me enough to give me the time of day, so who am i to not? with all my mood swings, there's a pretty high chance that will change later...but for right now it's nice.

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