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kinda stressed.

Posted by SomebodyLoveMe , 28 July 2013 · 67 views

i think it's stupid that it's so much easier to tell strangers on the internet things that i'm scared to tell people in the real world. yesterday i found out that i'm expecting a little one. it wasn't a huge shock, because i had every telltale symptom in the book. regardless, nobody knows. i don't know how, or when, i should tell him. and then there's the matter of telling my mom. i know he won't be happy because we've discussed kids and how we aren't exactly ready, and i know my mom is going to be pissed.

i lost my job, so i'm kind of short on money, and my boyfriend isn't the best off, either. i feel like my mom won't be open to helping me out. i found a local women's center, though. based on your situation, they will try to assist you in any way possible. i'm gonna talk to someone there tomorrow.

i do have a legitimate concern, though. i take around fourteen pills a day. it's a cocktail of antidepressants, mood stabilizers and sedatives. i went and checked the labels yesterday, and all of them say not to take them if you're pregnant, but the soonest i can get in with my psychiatrist is in two weeks. i don't want to hurt this thing.

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