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got fired.

Posted by SomebodyLoveMe , 19 July 2013 · 73 views

lost my job last week. i supposedly "got laid off because we hit a slow period." uh...no. i feel like it was honestly a personal thing with the owner. she's treated me like shit since day one. she never spoke to me. had i not had a tight connection with the executive chef, i have no doubt that i wouldn't have gotten that job. she's such a bitch. i went back to get my payroll documents and she was completely rude. i got the same "fuck you" vibe that i always got. plus i have an absolutely terrible cyst right now. it's practically debilitating. i guess it's good that i don't have to be working on my feet for nine hours because i can't even stand up straight. this part could possibly be offensive. my apologies if it is, but please know i mean nothing by it, i'm simply repeating what someone else has said. back to the job thing, there's someone i'll probably miss. his name is kent, and he's kind of a scary dude. i refer to him as "the guy that walks me out," but he refers to himself as "my nigga in shining armor." it probably goes without saying that he is african american. he walked me out to my car every night because, for a four star restaurant, i worked in an incredibly shady neighborhood. anyway, we've always had this little thing. don't judge, because he looks maybe 25, barely that, he's 40! i can't even explain the level of awkward that this is. for the record, i'm all of 18 years old. it's legal, but it's weird. technically, there's nothing going on that could be deemed illegal if i wasn't 18, but still. there were goodbye hugs and he kissed my forehead the night i got fired, and that's all. every now and then, there were sexual jokes and occasional comments, but he would never do anything to make me feel uncomfortable or like i wasn't safe. he has my number and i have his, but i don't think either of us expect anything to go anywhere. and that's fine. that's perfectly fine. i just know that i'll miss him. i would never accept him as anything more than "the guy that walked me out," because we were both getting attached. but now, he's kent: my "nigga in shining armor." he's always looked out for me and taken care of me at work. he made sure nobody fucked with me and went in and raised hell the day after i got fired. he's earned the title of my knight in shining armor, or any variation that he prefers, no matter how politically incorrect it might be. i'll definitely miss him.

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