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can't sleep.

Posted by SomebodyLoveMe , 15 July 2013 · 23 views

anxiety is acting up. it's been over six months since i've stayed somewhere other than my own house. my boyfriend had to go home after our five day staycation, and my mom won't be back from vegas until way late tomorrow. i'm at my grandparents' house because i can't handle so much time alone. luckily, they're keeping my big, stupid dog. it's not like he'd protect me if anything were to happen. he'd probably hide behind me. i felt safe with my boyfriend though. he would wake up hours before me, but he'd stay in bed and be all cuddly until i woke up. that's what i woke up to every morning. he wouldn't go about his day unless i was up to go about it with him. to some extent.

i have a theory about spending time with people. whether it be my boyfriend or my best friend, when we HAVE to be spending time together because my boyfriend needs to look after me or my best friend and i rarely see each other anymore because she's out of state, there's more tension, because it's like we HAVE to be together. when he's not around 24/7 or when she lived nearby and we could come and go when we pleased without missing isolated opportunities, it was different. does anyone else have an idea or theory about spending time with people?

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