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faithful = lame...i think not.

Posted by SomebodyLoveMe , 29 June 2013 · 86 views

apparently being faithful is considered lame these days. well, i'm willing to accept that label with all the pride in the world. i have an exboyfriend that has been asking me to hang out with him for the past week or so. i keep declining because i've finally found that one guy that's way too special to lose. my boyfriend never told me not to hang out with any other guys, but in my heart i know it would bother him. plus, if he hung out with an exgirlfriend behind my back, i'd be pissed. i don't think i would have gone out with him anyway because we were together about three years ago, and he was gorgeous. however, he knew he was gorgeous so he was a total asshole. he even told me he downgraded to be with me before. that all came to bite him in the ass, because his looks really went downhill. i feel like that's the only reason he's after me now, because he can't get anyone better. he can't get the absolutely beautiful girls he used to. but my boyfriend now constantly tells me how lucky he is and how beautiful i am. i wouldn't jeopardize him for anything, especially not just to get out of the house on saturday night. so here i've stayed, alone and bored, but knowing i've done what i think is the right thing makes everything feel okay. kind of looking forward to sleep, though. i got into a HUGE fight with my mom today, but i'll probably expand on that tomorrow.

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