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so uncomfortable.

Posted by SomebodyLoveMe , 20 June 2013 · 120 views

i was looking forward to going down to the gym at my apartment and getting a good workout in. usually i don't want to be in there with other people anyway because i don't want to be judged. so there was this guy that was walking toward the gym, too. i decided to go anyway and got in there and was on an elliptical for all of six minutes. he kept staring at me and gave off this really creepy vibe. i kept thinking that it would be okay, maybe he didn't want to be judged either. then he closes the blinds. then i think, alright, that's really weird, but i didn't want to offend him by just getting up and running out. so i go about my workout and try to focus on other things. out of the corner of my eye i notice his eyes are blatantly fixed on me with absolutely no effort to be discreet. by then i'm like...fuck this. it's not my problem if he gets offended because this is getting way too creepy. i didn't even put all my stuff in my bag, i just grabbed everything and rushed out of there. obviously i'm here for a reason, so i feel like i had every right to be concerned. i'm not going to compromise myself to tiptoe around someone else, and i keep telling myself that's okay. i just haven't been that terribly uncomfortable in a long time. i may just be overly suspicious, but that didn't seem like normal behavior to me. it was just a really shady experience, and now i am beyond paranoid.

That is just freaky weird. A decently normal safe male would have known to not just close the blinds, especially with just one other person in the gym and that being a female. Also a safe male wouldn't just glare. Glad you listened to your intuition.

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