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Another Clash With My FiancÚ

Posted by SomebodyLoveMe , 14 July 2012 · 42 views

I think I might have caused this one, or at least exacerbated it. The worst freaking time to have flashbacks is when you're getting intimate with your fiancÚ. He's understanding, he knows what happened and he has no problem with doing things at my pace. He's also the first guy I've even started to trust since the incident that initially brought me here. Anyhow, a few things triggered some memories and when he found out he got extraordinarily, for lack of a better term, offended. I had no intentions of letting him know what was going through my head, but he knew something was wrong and refused to leave me alone until I told him. He started flipping out and asking how the hell I could see such a monster in him. He wasn't mad at me, but he was mad. We're currently on hiatus, he won't even talk to me. I think this one's on me.

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