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Thank you.

Posted by Arietta_Sashrady , 26 September 2011 · 140 views

Thank you for your kind comments. They are always much appreciated. I will continue to go on, as always. The things I have had to carry have been on my shoulders for a long time, but I will continue to carry my burdens.

Going forward is the only way. Getting through each day, one at a time. Sometimes the days are easy. Sometimes they're hard. But I must continue on regardless.

I finished up a novel this weekend. I wasn't sure I'd would ever finish it and I'm not sure it was the best ending ever, but I felt like the people who had been following it deserved some closure.

It would be nice if real life had closure. However, I feel much better the less contact I have with my family. Not even just because of what happened when I was a kid, but because of the general attitude of guilt-trips, possessiveness, favoritism, pressure and general craziness. I'm so much better off without any of that.

Sep 26 2011 08:02 PM
just remember to breathe and take baby steps :) you are doing awesome, you are stronger than you know! keep your head up! sending you friendly hugs! :hug:

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