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Posted by Scars2009 , 05 March 2012 · 20 views

Life so fragile
Slightest touch
It crumbles down
So many emotions
Pulsing through the body
So many fears
We have to live with
Life so special to have
Yet so easy to take
You come & go
Some can not choose
I choose to live
But you
You chose to take
To take your life away
But God has more plans for you
It's not your time to go
Still so much to liv...


I know he cares

Posted by Scars2009 , 24 October 2011 · 19 views

Two nights ago I had a Halloween birthday party everyone ended up sleeping over. My boyfriend Vince was there too. We all fell asleep in the basement in this little bedroom. Everyone was a sleep wen I had a really bad flash back. Vince went flying up stairs to get my mom and came back down. he was crying cuz he didnt know what to do he was worried about m...


I'm never going to be safe am I?

Posted by Scars2009 , 07 June 2011 · 23 views

Today at school around 4th hours which is like about 11 o'clock and guess who the hell shows up at my school? The guy who freaking raped me 2 years ago!!! I freaked because I was walking by the main office and saw him and he saw me and gave me the most evilest look ever. I ran back to my classroom and txted my mom telling her who the hell...

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