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Maybe Memories

Posted by Shining_On124 , 10 June 2011 · 98 views

Last night I had a weird scene play in my head.

It was me, walking into Michael's "outside room" (as they called it - it was a glass room that had been built on the side of the house, they used it as a separate living room).

He was sitting on the couch in a black T-shirt and black Dickies. When he saw me approach, he lay down on his side, spread lengthwise over the couch.

I walked over to him.

In the dream, and upon waking, I remembered this exact scene from my past. He had called me to come over and "hang out" in a summer's eve after we'd broken up one time.

I don't know why I went, I was a stupid teenager (or maybe I honestly thought he had more than sex on the brain when we hung out - I was always wrong).

That same scene kept replaying in my head over and over. I couldn't get to sleep till 5am that morning.

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