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Open Your Eyes

Posted by Shining_On124 , 08 June 2010 · 30 views

[WARNING: Possible, slight triggers to some. Skip past the --- to read the rest of the entry]

Imagine a plot for a new SVU episode:

Victim is a woman in her late-forties, and dresses younger.

Perp is a 70+-yr old male, married. His son is the ex-husband of our victim.

They are alone in his garage. 'He's supposed to help me with the motorhome,' she'd said. 'We were working on the electrical stuff, I was in a dark corner.'
'Bet those cost at least two-thousand' she-said-he'd-said, 'Can I touch them?' just as he reaches for her shirt,

we cut to the interview room.

Our alleged victim is saying, 'And then I got out of there, fast,' she's calling him a 'molester' and wondering if it's happened to any other girls, because he used to work at a high school.

Detective Stabler makes some sort of comment, and we cut to commercial.



Only, this actually happened.

The accusations are real, anyway. It was the second call I'd received this morning after being awakened by a phone call from my best friend.

My mother left a voicemail saying that I needed to call her "as soon as possible. Sooner, than possible, like, right now". There was an edge in her voice, the kind that came up when she had been drinking. I was immediately skeptical.

(My mother is a [recovering] alcoholic and has been drinking since before I was born. She managed to stay sober for 11 months in 2009-10, but fell off the wagon on my brother's 18th birthday in February, and hasn't been able to get back on since. She's also known for causing drama, spreading gossip, and doing anything for attention - lately 'anything' has been all-encompassing.)
**So this is why her latest "guess what JUST happened!?!" is less than credible.

She told me what happened, but with such deadpan tone I began to wonder if she had been drinking. She told me things that my grandfather had done and I immediately thought it was totally outlandish.

Then she started crying, only it didn't sound like real crying, it was drawn-out, loud and exaggerated.
[That was another red flag]

It was when she started crying "poor me", and going over the details again and again ("Can you believe it?" *sob* "I can't believe he did that, I'm calling the cops and getting him arrested") that it began to irk and piss me off. I began to tone her out, as I have began to do lately, and calmly said, "Well have you talked to [his wife]? What'd she say?" then she started sobbing again and said, "And then I called your dad and....he won't answer, he's in a meeting - oh that's [boyfriend] calling, I have to go," and she ended the call to talk with him.

My skepticism and doubt got the best of me. I was beginning to think it wasn't true - I mean, why now, why her? On top of all the other absurd things she'd done or said lately (more red flags for lack of sobriety!), this was just another bullet on the list.

What really pissed me off and now has me thinking, "The audacity !" was that she was telling me how, despite past events, this was the closest she'd come to being molested. She began labeling my grandfather as a fucking molester and everything seemed so faux, like she was grabbing for attention from anyone and everyone. She knows about my two exes, she knows [the basics] of my assault and that I am in therapy now, trying to get a grip on everything and working on recovering. So for her to spew this, then bring all the attention onto herself and act as if this was the worst thing EVER (don't get me wrong - no one deserves to be touched inappropriately, especially from a relative, but IF this whole thing turns out to be fake and mixed up....) - I just hate the fact that I am recovering from real trauma, and I don't want to hear these gross things; it infuriates me that she is making a big deal out of something potentially false, when I suffered real, long-term damage and she knows that, and is still trying to make it seem like she's the worse off one here. It disgusts me!!

Then tonight, after 11p when my brother and father are sleeping, she calls the house phone.
6 times.
Then she called my cell phone and I answered with a, "Everyone is sleeping, what?"
and she says, in that same, deadpan/foggy/drunk-ish voice, "Where's your father?"
"..... It's past 11. He's sleeping. What do you want?"
"I need to talk to him."
"....." *I walk back to my father's room and tipetoe in.* "She's on the phone. She wants to talk to you."
"About what?" he asked; and I saw the glow of the other phone in his hand. I got back on the phone with her, and she told me that she was with the cops and she was going to have my grandfather arrested tonight.
I told my father this and he sighed and said for her to call the house phone. She let out an aggravated roar that emits only when she is intoxicated and pissed-off; and hung up on me.

My brother and I eves-dropped on the conversation. My mother was yelling at my father, calling our grandfather a "molester" and then proceeded to tell him, yet again, a story of what happened. My brother and I looked at each other, "That's different than what she told me earlier..." and we'd both been told separate stories as well.

My father was then on the phone with my grandfather, apparently the cops had been there. I overhead (from outside the door) my father say, "So what'd you tell them?" *pause* "... Aw SHIT... I would've just said nothing..." and it sounded like he was trying to cover up something, but I still don't know if the incidents I was told today were true.

Guess I'll find out more tomorrow... :glare:

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