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The Missing Frame


Big D at Warped Tour!; Carson, CA 6/25

Posted by Shining_On124 , 28 June 2010 · 13 views

After leaving my girlfriend in the wee hours of the morning, I headed out to get Steven.

We stopped for gas and made sure we had snacks, then headed out.

I FORGOT THE TICKETS! So we ran around and stopped at a postal shop and the guy was kind enough to let us print them.

Then, the line was huge. We waited in line for almost an hour, and by then, I...


"Just a glance, for they don't care to see...what becomes of me."

Posted by Shining_On124 , 22 June 2010 · 14 views

**I know this all wasn't allowed in the SI Forum, so I am posting it in a blog. Please remove, or let me know if it's not acceptable. Thanks!

Normally I associate that with an alcohol or drug problem - since my mother is an alcoholic, those words were in my vocabulary a lot. I never thought to associate it with self injury.

---- POSSIBLE...


Summer Shudder - 4 years ago...

Posted by Shining_On124 , 20 June 2010 · 18 views

Today marks an anniversary of loosing "the love of my life", what I dubbed one of the most devastating days of my life - up until this year I had no one to help rekindle my belief in love.

It's the circumstances and the piece of filth who caused the break up that lead to marking this day as a "horrible anniversary". *more on that late...


Open Your Eyes

Posted by Shining_On124 , 08 June 2010 · 14 views

[WARNING : Possible, slight triggers to some. Skip past the --- to read the rest of the entry]

Imagine a plot for a new SVU episode:

Victim is a woman in her late-forties, and dresses younger.

Perp is a 70+-yr old male, married. His son is the ex-husband of our victim.

They are alone in his garage. 'He's supposed to help me with the motorho...

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