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Posted by Dark_and_Dead , 27 July 2011 · 44 views

I HATE YOU!! You are supose to be my best friend! The one person who i can count on in times like this! The one person I thought would understand and give me a break but no! Instead you are going out to drink orrr,,,get your hair done...or going to parties while you dump your kid on me.

Worst day in a long time and what am I doing...lying on the floor crying struggling to move...whilst baby sitting your one year old. who has not slept all day and is so grumpy. I am so angry..you expect me to have the energy to look after a grumpy one year old when I haven't eaten in days, haven't slept in weeks, and haven't thoughts that would scare even the strongest of people..which I am not.

Thanks. Thanks a bunch.

Ill just continue to pretend to be happy for YOUR sons sake and be your fulltime nanny while inside I am dying and want to be outside aswell.

D AND D IM SO SORRY THAT U R SEEMINGLY BEING TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF BY ur friend.its not fair of him at all. have u talked to him about how u feel. if u havent mayb u could. thingdd
Aug 10 2011 02:03 PM
so sorry you are having to deal with this. you deserve so much more and better.

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