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Posted by Forgethim , 06 June 2010 · 100 views

Can there a way to set us free? Will justice do? will religion do? will marriage do? Will money do? I can forsee my future. my wedding, my life, my death. all and everything. I don't believe it I do't want to. But experiences from others are so vivid that I don't know how long I can leave. Why don't I just die and no one will be bothered? they don't have to worry about me.

Was I wrong? Why they think that I was wrong? Why? Why they put pressure on me, I just feel that I was wrong. but no one should be doing anything like this to me even I didn't say no!!

Why will he not be dead but me? why? Doesn't he needs to be punished somehow? that they will suffer the same way? Like the bee that stinks, why will they have to die? I was good to him, that I didn't stab him with a knife when he kissed me.

Is there a way out? Is there? I was not pregnant, so there is a way out? Is it? is it? I need help and I hope I could help somebody.

I wasn't angry at him because I was so good to him. but why did he treat me like this!!!!
I am feeling so tense and sick. could somebody help?

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