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Wait... I have a blog? (Just whining)

Posted by Victoria , 08 February 2010 · 81 views

Today, I am experiencing a full-fledged pity Victoria day. I can't even seem to find the motivation to SHAKE the mood. Seeing as it is a "one-day thing", maybe that's not so bad. Maybe, I need to stop, later, and try to refocus, re-start the day...

For now... I woke in this vague nightmare where I was yelling "bad mommy" over and over. I woke, climbed out of bed, grabbed a muscle relaxer (i felt a "little" achey), AND a montain dew , noticed that my keys were missing and the house was a mess. That started the pity-fest...

Friday was highly-productive, yet, Saturday, I woke in a good mood... Climbed out of bed, grabbed a soda & muscle pill, and sat in-front of the desktop, and my body collapsed. =( ... I started getting back spasms, from below my neck down, an inch or so below my ribs, on my right side. If i moved my LEFT hand, or tried to shift my feet, repeat of the spasms.

It slowly got better, after a little bit, I could type, and after two hours I was able to stand up! Not long after, I re-injured it, in the process of sitting on the pot. (lol) - I thought my ass was going to be stuck there, but I got up, and C helped me sit near the desktop. She touched my back lightly and it started being a bitch again. So I got myself up, had her help me lay on the couch, and I didn't move for the rest of Saturday.

On Sunday, I kept myself on Bed-Rest most of the day, and tonight, I woke with those nightmares, came downstairs, and saw the disaster of the house. C had cooked like 3 breads, washed 2 of the pots, but the sink was full, flour everywhere, shoes, clothes, empty boxes of stuff she used on the floor, the laundry *I* didn't fold, laying on the couch, computers and papers I read, everywhere, and I just wanted to cry.

I have a large, long post I need to work on, but I am avoiding it... i guess writing this stupid stuff helped though.


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