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Wait... I have a blog? (Just whining)

Posted by Victoria , 08 February 2010 · 82 views

Today, I am experiencing a full-fledged pity Victoria day. I can't even seem to find the motivation to SHAKE the mood. Seeing as it is a "one-day thing", maybe that's not so bad. Maybe, I need to stop, later, and try to refocus, re-start the day...

For now... I woke in this vague nightmare where I was yelling "bad mommy" over a...


Narrative for School

Posted by Victoria , 06 February 2007 · 83 views

One Narrative paper in which you describe a situation, narrate an event, or presnet a biographical or personal narrative. The narrative my not, because of it's personal nature, include references to other sources. It should , however, reflect ipon, analyze or in some say position the specific sistuation, event, or life narrated in a context that is...


Just Because

Posted by Victoria , 19 September 2006 · 84 views

I feel like writing again. That is awesome. Unfortunately, I am too tired to do much, but I am very happy that the writing ‘voice’ started again. The concert was freaking awesome. Tool is not my favorite band, but they put on the best performance I have seen, like, ever. Best part? I was drug free. J My first concert drug free, ever si...


8/27/06 - Hospitalizations

Posted by Victoria , 27 August 2006 · 86 views


I never saw myself as sick. I always thought my behavior was justified because of what I went through. It was after everything fell apart with the DotCom, CMS, and NASA, and I started working at GSC that I learned that the hospital was even an option. That I didn’t have to spend days at home shaking and crying hiding in the closet becaus...


8/26/06 - Initiating CSA

Posted by Victoria , 26 August 2006 · 75 views


Last night I had wanted to talk about something else, but decided it was too much, so I kept it in. I just woke up from the worst nightmare ever.

It’s obvious why I dreamed what I did. It was a combo of the stuff I didn’t write about, the safety conversations, my nightly ‘experimentation’, and the stuff I wrote about...


8/24/2006 - Reflection on New Job

Posted by Victoria , 26 August 2006 · 42 views

Yesterday, I finished the majority of the project. Something that I thought would take all week, ended up only taking about 5 hours. I need to mop up the code, do some beta-testing and write a user-manual, but the deadline has been met, and I have my deliverable. I guess I didn’t know, didn’t even have a CLUE about how stressed I was. The mome...


8/25/06 - Vunlerability

Posted by Victoria , 26 August 2006 · 66 views

So, i was in my car heading home when i heard they were giving Family Value tickets away in New Lenox and had like 20 pairs of them. I decided i had some time and enough gas to head down there and maybe pick up some tixs. I'm totally broke and would have loved to have gone to the show. I pick up a Mel, and she tells me she's got a movie for us...


the role smoking plays on health ...

Posted by Victoria , 24 January 2006 · 45 views

I hate this paper. It is the worst i have ever written. the thesis is poor, the conclusion sucks and i have no idea what to do to make it better. blah,blah, blah - its DONE. ... enari

The role Smoking plays on the health of people based on their socioeconomic status how's that sound?

Smoking can be hazardous to a person’s health....


Impt. of SBI in SA Survivor wPTSD and Art Therapy

Posted by Victoria , 29 November 2005 · 114 views

Either One Persuasive or analytic paper. This paper should incorporate references to other sources. Examples of papers that fit this category inclue papers arguing for or anaginst vaccinating children, analyzing political positions, interperting literally texts, or taking a position on a moral issue

Does this paper do that?

About Art Therapy


Eliminating Medicaid SpendDown for SSDI Recepients

Posted by Victoria , 28 November 2005 · 160 views

Thanks ItsME for the help w/conclusion. Turning it in on Dec. 1st also haven't done bib. but it is all from Mamma which is cited somewhere in here.

Being poor is not reason enough to receive Medicaid. Neither is being disabled. However being poor and disabled as defined by federal and state guidelines will do the trick. There are many people w...

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