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Posted by crazysanegirl , 02 March 2012 · 26 views

We were talking about Quebekers in British Columbia, learning English, speaking it without an accent, Victoria, parliament, and I asked what the name of that bar was, you know, the one with the boat in front? and he said the one with the boat in front? I remember. That was the Milestones. And at that moment I had one of those, you know, eureka moments when everything just converges and you witness your own milestone. And you ask your French friends if they know what the name of that bar - Milestones - means in English. She says "mile" and "stone"? and he says no, like a goal, and I say no, not like a goal because that's looking forward while a milestone, well that's something in the present, something you've achieved. And then I had a vision: Roman roads and the blocks of stone that mark every mile. And I conveyed that back to them and they understood that milestone had the meaning of things you reach along the road of life.

It's cliché. I do tend to think that way - clichéishly. Take words at their symbolism. See how they apply to my current situation. Hearing the name of the bar "Milestones" and thinking, well aren't I at one right now? And wondering: in what way? In a way that I've decided that I didn't know how long I would live my life, but the life I've got left to live, I'll live it by being true to myself.

It's cliché. Know thyself, blah, blah, blah. Well, I think it's true. And to know myself is to ask myself what I really want.

Do we perfectionists every really ask ourselves what we really want?

What I want.

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