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Posted by crazysanegirl , 27 March 2010 · 22 views

So I did it. I wrote a masters thesis. I did it despite my best friend death. It gave me strength. Rage. I did it in spite of the emotional trauma I have lived as a result of my prostitution. I didn't become that statistic that says I should be hooking for drugs - or dead.

Actually, the sad thing is I am a statistic. The what % of women who make it out? The what percent of women who experience physical, moral and emotional violence in the sex trade - trade is indeed a good way to describe it: void for void.

Some feminists would have us think that only the weak minds come out of it like me: beaten up in their souls. Because we were 'damaged' to begin with.

I beg to differ. This degree is evidence that I'm far from weak.

What about that overwhelming majority that will never earn a degree because they didn't have the resources to persist?

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