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Cardinal owns Sparrow

Posted by crazysanegirl , 14 December 2009 · 20 views

I rarely have cool dreams anymore. There was a time when it seemed I vividly dreamt every other night. I had a dream book next to the bed where I used to write the scenarios down; sometimes, draw them. The book is still there but the dreams are gone. Or, on the rare occasions I've had them in the last few months, I haven't felt like writing them down.

Last night I had a special dream. I rarely get 'special' dreams, even when I'm dreaming a lot. They're the really colourful kind of dreams. I don't quite know how to express it... other dreams seem to be 'filmed' in dimmer light in comparison. These dreams are bright. Colours pop. You feel like a bright-eyed kid while you're in them. Mesmerized.

I dreamt of a cardinal by my window. I have a bird-feeder installed in front of it, which makes my cats very excited about being indoor cats. Their own personal tv. It only attracts sparrows, but one time I caught a flash of red; a cardinal feeding from it. I didn't even know they could live in a large city like this... I've been on the look-out ever since. In my dream, it was on the bird-feeder. I inched toward the window to see it up close, positioned myself in a way it couldn't see me, then I saw there wasn't one cardinal, but three; a smaller one and a baby. A family, I thought. Beautiful and cardinal red.

I don't remember much more aside from that. They must have flown away. It's not important because I treasure that scene I do remember.

A family of cardinals feeding on a bird-feeder.

My broken family; my search for a spiritual pillar to replace the one I lost after having lived what I lived, combined into one rather neat metaphor.

'Looking out a window to see within yourself', priceless as well.


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