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it hurts to be validated

Posted by tamz , 05 May 2010 · 24 views

My memories are blurred. Period. Sometimes I find myself questioning whether what I remember is what really happened. There are times when I wish what I remember isn't true, that it didn't happen that way. Because if it didn't happen that way, it's not as bad. E believing me and telling me that it is SA, it validates me. Likewise, me reading about SA validates me. I read it and I think, woah. That is what happened with me. And it hurts to think that it is SA. Hurts to think that someone so close to me, someone I trusted in some of my darkest hours, would even consider doing this to me, let alone actually doing it. I don't like it. I wish the pain would go away. I wish I could turn back time and change what happened.
I seriously can not deal with what happened. I find myself in tears all the time. I think before, I felt unjustified feeling the way I did. I felt like I was overreacting and had no right to feel like that and felt trapped within my emotions. Now I feel different. I know I have a right to feel the way I do. I feel validated, by E's response, people here's response and also reading about it for myself. I don't know how to deal with these feelings.

May 07 2010 02:43 PM
It does hurt, doesn't it? It's so hard. I am so sorry you were hurt in this way too. It does get better though as you heal, maybe that will help you through these terribly difficult and painful moments. Validation is difficult, but at the same time, we so need it. Safe hugs only if ok. :hug:
thanks for your reply :)

Do you find it helps to talk to the person who knows? I've told E, but I haven't seen / spoken to him since. Sometimes I think it would help to talk to him about it again, other times I find myself just wanting to leave it. I don't know.

Sending hugs back if okay :hug:
May 07 2010 03:43 PM
Yes I do find it helpful, when I am able to verbalize things. It easier with some people than others, depending on how well they "get it." I tend to shut down when they don't seem to understand. Hugs are okay, thank you :) :hug:
You are right, it does hurt. Its like you peel away the layers and realize it did happen and are validated and then you have the cold slap of reality. I can relate to that. But then I think we need it because that is how we heal

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