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Thank you everyone

Posted by tamz , 17 January 2013 · 78 views

Thank you so much everyone for your continued support over the past few days. I couldn't have done it without you and thankfully, the self harm urges have calmed down a lot today.

It's weird isn't it, what we think is okay to be over and what's not, and how it's so much easier to see when other people are suffering and why they'r...


memories are so real!

Posted by tamz , 16 January 2013 · 131 views

I'm sorry to blog so much, I'm trying desperately to cling on, to not self harm. I'm hoping by letting things out in a safe environment that I'll be able to fight this.

Why are bad memories so strong? This whole incident (something happened today) has triggered me really badly, the memories, they feel almost real, almost like I'm th...


This is why I don't talk! Trigger Warning

Posted by tamz , 16 January 2013 · 112 views

Mention of the abuse and negative things people have said in response, please take very good care if reading this. I can't handle it so I don't expect you to either.

So something really triggering happened today and I ended up thinking about everything, about people's responses to everything. Not just the abuse, but other things too. And...


I'm just so tired and struggling to hold on!

Posted by tamz , 16 January 2013 · 101 views

I'm so tired. It's been an incredibly difficult day. It's weird isn't it, what we think is okay to be over and what isn't. This evening though, I'm almost permanently triggered. Part of me thinks what's the point, it's not like anyone sees the self harm anyway. Does it really matter if they don't even know? Except...


start the year as you mean to go on - randomly burst into tears :(

Posted by tamz , 01 January 2013 · 73 views

Don't they say start the year as you mean to go on? I quite literally just burst into tears for no reason! I was just sat down, straightening my hair and out of nowhere, I'm balling my eyes out :( How can I begin to work on my problems when I'm sat there crying my eyes out for no reason? I'm literally flitting back and forth today b...

content warning

I will try to keep any reference to specific SI behaviour to a minimum however reference to the assault will not always be censored. I don't want to trigger anyone so just want you to be warned. Most of the time it will be okay but just so you are aware. Take gentle care.

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