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just bored

Posted by brokenandmending , 13 August 2010 · 36 views

its 5am and I am awake. I am babysitting my sisters bratty stepkids and they just got dropped off. I told them they were going back to sleep on the couch because noone else is up this early. hopefully they do fall asleep. Now im upstairs in my room unsure off what to do with myself since i turned of the lights downstairs but there are no more couches left to sleep on. so unless i want to sleep in a chair then im relegated to the upstairs. Even though they are nine and eleven years old and Im sure have moments where they are not watched at their house, i don't trust them enough to go back to sleep up here.

I feel bad saying they are bratty....but they really kind of are. At first when I met them they seemed okay, but now they are around enough and I am seeing that they need some guidelines or something. So maybe brats isn't the right word. Spoiled might be. I have no idea what they are like at their moms house but at my sisters house they are awful. At least in my perspective they are. Apparently their dad and my sister don't really think so. They just let them go. They are just getting on my nerves. And my sister is a hard person to be around.

This has nothing to do with anything really....I'm just bored and needed to vent.

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