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is it possible?

Posted by jenbaroo , 22 April 2010 · 80 views

I think I might be an alcoholic. I just went and emptied out all the alcohol in the house, because I find myself wanting it more and more and more, and I can't be drinking during the day. I have a five month old son who counts on me, and I need to be careful. I want to get drunk every night, but only do it once a week, because my husband would have a major problem if I drank that much at home. He won't let me buy it, because he knows I have a problem.

I have the genes, that's for sure. I've got alcoholism on both sides, genetically. Maybe I'm overreacting, but I constantly want to drink. When I say constantly, I mean I'm even dreaming about it all night, and wake up wanting to get drunk. I just don't know. Maybe I'm recognizing it early, or maybe i'm overreacting. Any thoughts?

hey....you are probly not over reacting. If you have a feeling you've got a problem then it's a problem. alcohalism runs in my family too, well addiction in general and i've had my own share with things like this. it's good that you are recognizing it now and understand that it's possible; if you don't get help it (the addiction) will probly manifest itself into something else ie: shopping, gambling, etc. please don't beat yourself up about it, just be honest with yourself and don't blame yourself....just get help

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