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Posted by jenbaroo , 07 April 2010 · 24 views

Tonight was actually fun! Playing games makes it so you can't talk much, especially with the intense ones we tend to play in my family. Only one did my aunt mention her son, and I kind of cringed, more for my mom's sake than my own, because I have forgiven him, and actually talk with him every once in a while, but my parents, having just started to deal with it five years ago, are still trying to figure out their feelings. Tonight is the "official game night", so we'll see what happens. I'm not sure if I'll even make it, since it's right at the baby's bedtime. He slept on the couch in one of the spare rooms tonight and slept through all the noise. He's such a good boy! Such a sweet little man...

On a different note, I'm thinking about working on my vocal skills some more. I used to be able to sing really well, but when I was about 6 months pregnant, I had to stop singing because he was pushing on my diaphragm (the thing that helps you belt it out, not the birth control) and I kept running out of breath. So now I don't have that excuse, I'm just out of practice. I REALLY want to sing again! My husband got me an hour in a recording studio for one of my birthdays and I STILL haven't used it! How bad is that? I need to pick a song, sing it until it's perfect, and then use that gift. It's really important to me, and my husband taking something that is so important and giving me a gift for it and me not using it.... I feel like this horrible person because I know he feels bad I haven't used it, and he now thinks that he should just get me things I suggest instead of putting thought into his gifts. It makes me sad that he feels that way now, but I just never could decide on a song. Now I really have to. And really work on it intensely, not half-heartedly. I just want a song that MEANS something. ~sigh!~ I'm sure I'll figure it out, but any suggestions are welcome. Meaningful song suggestions...

My hubby has been gone since six this morning. I haven't seen him at all today, and it's 10pm, he's still not home, and I need to go to bed if I'm gonna be able to take care of Caleb tomorrow. I wish he'd just come home...

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