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Posted by jenbaroo , 06 April 2010 · 9 views

I have family coming to visit tomorrow. The mom and dad of my cousin who molested me. Now, I know it's not their fault what he did, but every time I see them, especially my uncle, I feel like screaming at them. My aunt is insensitive, always acting like things aren't clean enough, despite my mom having worked for days, knowing what my aunt is like. My uncle lays on the couch with the newspaper and pretends he doesn't notice what's going on, and it infuriates me! I remember the one time my mom stood up for herself, my aunt was shocked, like she really didn't realize she had done anything wrong.

On top of all of this, my son has a virus (he's only 5 months old, and my first child, so I tend to worry), my husband is sick and won't go to the doctor, and I'm on so many meds that make me sleepy, I just want to sleep all day, even though I haven't taken any of them since last night! Thankfully, hubby and I are getting away for a night without the baby on Friday. I'm just ready for that break. I've been ready for that break for a LONG time!

So that's my daily rant. Not anything huge, but just needed to get it out.

Oh, and I'm cutting again.

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