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some days

Posted by jenbaroo , 01 April 2010 · 13 views

are better than others. today is one of those days -- off and on. :) it's had its moments of joy, frustration, contentment, and anger. but it's been productive. i've gotten laundry done, brought my son's baby book up to date, cleaned the kitchen somewhat, and have a friend coming in about an hour. hopefully she'll be willing to go on a walk with me so i can keep up my daily stuff. otherwise i'll have to go alone later.

my husband and i sponsor a child, and we got a letter from him recently. when i read his letters, i start to count my blessings:
~ i can stay at home to take care of my son
~ i didn't have to make food to sell on the streets in order to survive as a young teenager or child
~ my husband is able to go to school without having to make up the hours at work, so he's still home at a reasonable hour
~ i don't have to think before hitting the cash register at the grocery store "can i afford the milk this week?"

there are so many things i have to be thankful for. i think i will start making lists.

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