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what a day!

Posted by jenbaroo , 27 March 2010 · 26 views

ups and downs and downs and ups.
i can encourage others, but not myself.
where's my encouragement?
where're my courage?
my courage lies in others telling me i'm not awful.
my esteem relies on others telling me i'm worth their time,
worth the air i breathe.
so far,
i feel i'm not worth anything.
to my son, i'm his source of food.
to my husband... actually, i don't know anymore.
so tell me:
what am i worth to me?

i feel worthless too. we need to not feel that way though. we need to see ourselves as if we were other people. if i were someone else, how would i see me. this works for me. it's hard at first and takes practise but if you can do it it's a great way to try and feel better about yourself.

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