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Posted by and.the.livins.eaze , 13 July 2010 · 12 views

so, the trial was suppose to have happened multiple tims ago. Ive been waiting a year..people have lied. broken my heart. left me alone. i dont even know how to find myself.i have been moved around..home to home.hospital to hospital. why? what did i do so wrong? ive lost myself..its like im still living but eveything else isnt..i just go through my days with a fake smile hiding whatever is left of me.so im not suppose to be saying any of this shit prob but i dont care anymore. my perp can go f*** himself..and dad if your reading this, i hope this satisfies you.youve hurt me so bad i cant heel. i punch myself ith anger and no one notices. i cry at night wanting everything to be okay. i take so many meds that i cant even make sense of my nights. im so alone..all because of you. you have taken my sisters away from me. you have ripped every layerr of life away from me. you have left me where i need to provide for myself in a way that i can not. you have left me nothing. you have left me hurt.work.scars.tears.nightmears.and who cares? no one. i thought life was improving but the second i start to believe i get knocked back down. dad. thank you for leaving me without a home. without a family. without security. thank you for showing me that you were right. no one cares.and no one can help me. im just what you told everyone. so dad, im glad iim your litle girl!

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