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one of the worst nights ever

Posted by and.the.livins.eaze , 20 March 2010 · 6 views

2 nights with almost no sleep=sucks. So im already unable to function normally and now no sleep on top of that...shizz im screwed. Ive been chuggin tea to keep awake and able to still babysit/work/school...grr. Well ill get to the point. Last night sucked alot. I thought that i was only abused fron when i was young but last night out of nowhere i just started crying and then i got a this picture of me and my perp in my head. He was hugging me but at the same time his finger was jabbed up my v*****( sorry im not tryin to trigger for anyone else)...that was when i was four years old. I feel so empty and wierd now. Its like my stomach really hurts and nothing will help it. So i stayed up last night unable to move thinking about this, o yah did i mention on top of that everytime i fell asleep i would remeber another time that i had no idea happened...i dont know what to do now. i feel so wierd and unable. its like no matter how hard i try to be happy it always backfires on me.

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