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bellachai's Uncensored Life



Posted by bellachai , in dreams 04 October 2012 · 82 views

Since having the nose hose (CPAP) to sleep with I have been dreaming and remembering them. I am asuming that means I am acheiving quality REM sleep but it is kinda of freaking me out so thought I will post them under a new category to acheive interpretation and then letting them go. I shall see how it goes for awhile.

My dad and I escaping our town in...


My Uncensored Life Chapter Five "T"

Posted by bellachai , 31 March 2010 · 117 views

I am not sleeping tonight so I might as well type another chapter of my life.

The fourth house we lived in I have always called the purple bricked house. I believe my mother and the evil stepfather bought this house. It had a swing set out back and the backyard seems to have been large. The house had a finished basement. The family room was down ther...


My Uncensored Life Chapter Four

Posted by bellachai , 28 March 2010 · 122 views

The third place I remember living was again an apartment building, white and three stories, the bottom story was half in the ground. Our apartment was 2nd floor which really was ground floor in the first apartment and again I believe my mother and evil stepfather were the managers.

Alot of changes occurred to my physically from red brick building to whi...


My Uncensored Life Chapter Three

Posted by bellachai , 23 March 2010 · 101 views

The second place we lived with the evil stepfather was a red bricked apartment building. It was two buildings two storied facing each other. We lived in the lower first apartment in the first building. I believe my mother and evil stepfather were the managers of this apartment complex. I more memories of this place than I do of those that follow. I b...


My Uncensored Life Chapter Two

Posted by bellachai , 23 March 2010 · 103 views

My brain tries to work logically and in linear ways. My memories have come to me out of sequence and I have to try to sort them out and put them in the right logical places. Not all the memory flashes I am experiencing are bad. That is somewhat of a relief. I keep thinking the next one will be something I will not want to know.

I will go as linear as...


The beginning of life Uncensored Chapter one

Posted by bellachai , 21 March 2010 · 67 views

I have seen many pictures of myself prior to age 4 before my life in hell began. I have heard my relatives talking about me during this time. it is like they are speaking of someone else's cute adorable little girl. The pictures show a happy pretty blonde big brown eyed girl. They say I was a good little girl. I entertained myself and played quie...

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