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Rudeness + Insulting = Annoyed x 2

Posted by bellachai , 30 July 2014 · 337 views

I met my mother at Walmart this morning to have new batteries put in her car and my dad's truck which is what I drive.  Afterwards she took me out to lunch.  Good food and we mostly talked about current events, not difficult since so much is going on all over the world.  Too much sad things.
When we were leaving this woman eating by herself was staring at me to a degree that was uncomfortable and I am sure I did not know her.  Once outside I told my mother that staring often happens and I assumed it was cuz I am carrying an oxygen tank around with me but no my mother said "yeah I saw her checking out how big you are".  In my head I say to myself like either of them had much to talk about.  And everyone wonders why I would have a self esteem problem, go figurePosted Image
When did courtesy and good manners cease to exist?  Don't stare it is rude and don't say things that would hurt someone's feelings.
Oh wow I almost made it through a visit with my mother on a good note.  Got bit right at the end.
Wishing everyone here well.

Jul 30 2014 05:01 PM

I am sorry that the lady in the restaurant was rude and staring. It is wrong and no one should do it, but unfortunately it happens all the time.

Mothers just have the habit of saying things that can cut to the core sometimes. It hurts. I get that from my mom too.


When I had surgery in 2009, after when I was shopping at Wal-Mart I would use a riding cart because I had no stamina at all. I got those looks. It hurt, but I began to just ignore them as much as I could.

Bella, you are wonderful, don't ever forget that. You are needed and cherished here by your friends, myself included.

Sitting with you!


I too am sorry that that person was so rude  and your mother had no right to say those words  that hurt you so much

You are a wonderful person  safe hugs to you

Hi bellachai! I'm glad that my hypervigilance has ceased because it was my PTSD symptom that I hated the most! I understand what you mean. My mother made hurtful remarks to me my whole life. So I understand that too. She was especially abusive about my weight. I'm sorry that we have mothers who are that way. Love, Salemkitty. :)

It sounds like both your mother and that stranger need to go back to kindergarten. I'm amazed they passed the first time with such bad manners.

:hug: so rude!

Thank you all so much for commenting.  It is a down day for me so short on words just letting you know how much I appreciate you all.

Aug 10 2014 09:19 PM

Whatever her reason for staring, it was uncalled for. Whatever your mother's reason for making comments about your size and trying to give you an additional issue to be self conscious of... shame on her. Hold your head high, Bella. Anyone who's going to stare at you for your oxygen or your weight isn't worth much, and certainly not worth worrying about.

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