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Memorial Day

Posted by bellachai , 26 May 2014 · 144 views

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death and su
One memorial weekend before my children were born their father and I drove from California where we lived to Arizona to visit my favorite and beloved Aunt (my father's youngest sister).  My Aunt's husband, who was my favorite Uncle killed himself the previous year.  He had had a heart attack and the hospital failed to give him blood thinners.  He developed blood clots and his legs up to the knee had to be removed.  He had three young children.  The limitations of the loss of his legs and nerve damage in one knee which caused him to fall using his prosthesis was more than he could accept.  So he took out a big loan of money depositing it to his checking account and applied for a handgun permit.  Months later he went to the gun shop and paid for his handgun and shot himself in his car in their parking lot.Posted Image
Anyway we went to visit my Aunt and I planned on putting some flowers on my Uncle's grave.  He served our country in the Airforce during the 60's.
My Aunt had this new boyfriend living with her and her three children.  He went by the name of Lucky.  He did not look or sound too lucky to me.  I would have preferred his name to be Jackass.  My cousins are 10 to 13 years younger than me.  I was happy to spend time with them and my aunt.  My husband go stuck with Jackass.  Now that I think of it they were two jackasses together.  What was my Aunt thinking?
Everyone went to my Uncle's grave except the two jackasses.  My Uncle's sister joined us.  We were at the gravesite when my Aunt went to her knees and moaned loudly.  At first I thought she was grieving but then realized she was having a heart attack.  She had Marfan's Syndrome (a serious heart condition).  My Uncle's sister and I picked her up and laid her in the back in the laps of her children.  I kept talking to my Aunt urging her frantically not to black out to stay present with me and her children.
We went to the nearest ER.  They were good and fast.  She was flown from Mesa to a bigger hospital in Phoenix for immediate surgery.  I was busy calling my dad, my Uncle and my Aunt in Colorado.  They all came.  My Uncle got there first and I was never so glad to see him cuz the Lucky Jackass was telling the hospital he was her fiancé and they should be only talking to him.  Ha my Uncle set him straight. He did not even know she had a heart condition.  My Aunt survived that surgery.  She died five years later.
Now every memorial day I remember my Uncle and my Aunt and what a positive influence they had been in my life.  I still miss them both.
I send my thanks to all who have died protecting my right to being a free American. 

May 26 2014 06:12 PM

What a memory. Glad your aunt came out of it OK.... Sorry to hear of the rest of it.

May 26 2014 07:07 PM


May 26 2014 09:26 PM

That's quite a story. How scary for her to have a heart attack. I'm so glad the surgery was quickly performed and successful.

Thank you all for your comments (((hugs)))

hmmm, she sounded fairly young to die of heart attack. So sorry.

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