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Little Ironies of Life

Posted by bellachai , 01 February 2014 · 157 views

My dad was a recovering alcoholic.  At the time of his death he had been alcohol free for 33 years.  He went to one AA meeting, did not like it so never went again.  He just stopped drinking.  My mother remarried him knowing he was drinking but after a couple of years she got fed up.  She went to many AL-ANON meetings telling everyone that if you have even one drink every day then you were an alcohlic. 
From the day of his death over two years ago she has had a drink or two everyday. 
My daughter's boyfriend allowed my daughter to lend her friend his lap top for a couple of days.  His computer is the one I bought for her to use at school which she gave to him when she got another Lap Top.  When the computer was returned to him,  he stated never again would anyone borrow 'his' PC cuz the keyboard had food crumbs in it and the outside was dirty.
The boyfriend had a computer of his own until he became angry and beat on it until it broke.  The boyfriend is a slob and I had to bit my tongue twice over his fussing about it.  I chuckled.  It is okay to treat my home as a trash container but it is not okay for crumbs to be on the computer he was given for free, crumbs that probably were put there by him in the first place.
My daughter has told me on three occasions that she is only stupid when it comes to her boyfriend.
Oh really?
I am not exempt from this party.  My code of living is to do no harm.
I failed in that.  I left myself out of that equation cuz I have done much harm to myself.
Nor is the world exempt from this party.  I just saw  poll results regarding Mr. Snowden.  Apparently 51% of Americans that took the poll believes Mr. Snowden is a whistleblower and the other 49% believe him to being a traitor.
Two lawmakers of Norway have nominated Mr. Snowden for the Nobel Peace Prize.  Mr.  Snowden is living in country that is at unrest with their own politics


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