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The Forgotten One

Posted by bellachai , 21 July 2013 · 210 views

My daughter stated this morning that I was not going to die of an urinary tract infection. (Technically I could have said that an untreated UTI could kill a person from complications)

I wanted to jump up and scream perhaps so but I may go insane from this one. Not because of the pain and not because it has also made my fibromyalgia flare.

An UTI is common and usual treatment takes only a week and most of the pain stops after the first antibiotic pill.

However, for me I somehow I have been charged and jailed by Murphys Laws.

I called my primary physician on the morning of July 9th. His nurse called me that afternoon stating she ordered the lab work at the Hospital lab. I went in the morning ad again the nurse called my in the afternoon stating I tested positive for an UTI and antibiotics has been prescribed.

I took Bactrim for 3 days and I could tell I still had an UTI plus the Bactrim had striped my tongue raw and a yeast infection.

I had an appointment with my hematologist doctor so I told him about it. Those of us who have blood clotting disorders and/or anemia go to the oncology clinic. I have trusted them for over two years now and they always treated me like royalty and I have always gotten excellent care there.

My hematologist doctor reviewed my lab test and told me I had been prescribed the wrong antibiotic and my primary doctor did not order a culture done which considering my CSA history and being allergic to penicillin was not the right decision for my situation.

So my hematologist doctor had me supply a sample in the oncology clinic and decided to start new antibiotics prior to getting the culture back. So he prescribed
Tetracycline. I have taken it before and was a good fit for me. But alas the pharmacist informed that Tetracycline is no longer manufactured. (I wonder why).

So I called and no one returned my until the next morning. I was told that they were waiting for the culture to come back so when it did they would call me. That was July 18th

The oncology clinic is closed on Fridays but I did get a call from them around noon stating that the lab did not do the culture even though it had been ordered. They wanted me to come to the clinic to give another sample for the culture. The nurse told me that she would be in the clinic on Saturday so would call me before noon.

Noone called me Saturday but another nurse called me this morning to tell me my culture was positive for a UTI and the doctor will be reviewing it first for 'sensitivities' before a decision on what antibiotic to prescribe and she would call me later in the day. Noone has called.

This is July 21st and I now have had an UTI for 13 days. I began peeing blood two days ago.

I just want someone in real life to understand how horrifying it is for me to suffer with an UTI for any length of time. Cuz the physical pain I can take.

I am having nightmares. I am having body memories of the Evil stepfather and what he did to cause all the UTIs I had as a child, the ones that sent me to the hospital 4 to 6 times a year. Everytime I got a UTI I would then develop an upper respiratory infection as well sometimes pneumonia.

The memories are not all of him but of the shame I felt for having to sleep on my bed with plastic under the sheet cuz I wet the bed at night until 10 when we moved without him to Arizona.

There is also the memories of the hospital as well. Enduring catheders and tests. Humiliated while being instructed to pee on the xray table so they could xray my bladder and kidneys through the process. It felt dirty to me.

Who is to understand how torturous these last 13 days have been for me. Even if a screamed insanely no one would want to hear about it. It all is too painful.

So I have withdrawn from everyone. I barely speak to anyone and I feel myself inside of me curled in a ball rocking myself in my protective isolation.

Blessings to all

I just wanted to say I read this and I am thinking of you and little Bella who had so much awful things happen to her, and I am thinking of keeping little Bella safe while you go through this UTI misery.

And I am also ANGRY for you and what all this did to you physically and how UNFAIR it all is. But also wanted to say that your 'youness' shines through clearly and it is beautiful.
Jul 21 2013 06:38 PM
I feel your frustration and I hear you! Keeping you and little Bella in my thoughts. :metoyou:
Susanna said it all so perfectly that she took my words away :). But I wanted you to know that I also read it and agree with all she said. It is very unfair that you are still struggling with this all and it has taken so long for all of it to work out with your meds :(
Jul 25 2013 11:30 AM
:hug: if ok
Jul 28 2013 02:22 AM
hugs for you and little bella :hug: :hug:

you, my sweet friend, will never be forgotten by me. i think of you all the time, even when i'm not online here. i'm so sorry you're having to go through all this physical sickness and also for what you had to endure as a precious, innocent child. it was so unfair and you deserved so, so, so much better. remember i'm always around if you need to talk.

i'm sorry for my absence, from everything...just read this and my heart hurts for you and your young one inside.

i really hope by now you are feeling a bit better....and less triggered....i will read and catch up. i love you ((((my friend)))).

always in my heart. :metoyou:

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