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My daughter's long time boyfriend

Posted by bellachai , 28 April 2013 · 93 views

ewwwwwwwwweeeeeee Liar liar pants on fire.

He looked who he calls mom (me) in the eye and lied to my face, then followed it by another lie and then followed that lie with another. All to 'make' me think he is not hiding things from me for his own selfishness or an unknown whatever.

They have been together now for 4 1/2 years. My daughter said he is better and more responsible. Not true she is the one who is better and more responsible. she is working and he is not. She hides things from me because of him and that hurts me.

Did I call him on it? No, I tried that once and it involved a friend I had 3 years ago and he stood his ground and told my friend to her face that it was her that was lying and would not budge and my daughter chose to believe him of course. So no I did not cuz it was a lie that does not matter enough to play the game he said I said. So instead I looked him in the eye and said thank you very much and dropped it. (He does not get sarcasm at times and this went right over his head).

I know and have compassion that he is damaged goods with very toxic parents and he is a recovering addict which he has been dry of for over 2 years(hadf a relapse after first 2 years with my daughter briefly). This is a no drug zone. He seems to have to play the game of one up it. If someone says they have done it or know about it he has to state he has done something more and knows everything about everything. He is only 23. Sometimes I think he shows intelligence then others I think he is the most ignorant jerk ever. I am just hot and cold about him.

Some of the things he does I find funny cuz I have a warped sense of humor sometimes.

I blogged earlier about my daughter's visit to the ER due to an ovarian cyst which they decided I did not need to know about until she got home. Then a week later or so I blogged about the partial tooth I pulled out that broke. Three days after my daughter was at the ER he complained about having some awful pain in the same area but he was sure he had a bladder infection. I asked him if he was peeing blood no and it did not hurt to urinate until the day after I asked him these questions. Then the day after I pulled my partial tooth out some of his teeth got infected and he had to knock out part of a tooth with the handle of a screwdriver. :lol: :toomuch: :suspect: :rofl:

I seriously think he has mental health issues. I don't know if the saying once a liar always a liar is true or not but as long as my daughter does what we agreed to then he is her problem unless it is something I believe is a major issue.

Blessings to all

Blessings to all

Apr 28 2013 08:16 PM
Ugh. Sorry you have to deal with this nonsense. You were probably right to just let it go, though-- no sense arguing with someone who has a warped sense of reality.

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