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Blasts from the past Part 1

Posted by bellachai , 13 March 2013 · 78 views

One fairly recent and one years ago.

I took my mother yesterday to have an endoscopy. We had to drive to the bigger town of Grand Junction which is around 54 miles. It was a clinic/surgercenter that only does endoscopys and colonoscopys.

I sat with her in her prep room. I became uncomfortable and felt like I might have a panic attack (I didn't though) when her doctor was informing her of the possible risks of having an endoscopy. There is a risk of aspirating stomach acid into the lungs. He stated that is very rare. I felt like laughing and running. I did not tell that doctor it is not really that rare since that is what happened to me this last September. I was drowning without being in any water. It was a horrible and frightening experience with a ten day ICU stay. Nope I will never have anotTher endoscopy. Of course they should not do endoscopys on patients that have blood clots in their lungs and they did not check that even though I have a history of pulmonary embolisms. This blast from the past was not pleasant.

To be continued.... I am tired.

Blessings to all

Mar 14 2013 09:14 PM
Ah, Bella, I'm sorry.... and I didn't realize that whole situation was the result of an endoscopy. This is something you could take to a lawyer if you wanted to-- I don't mean to suggest you should or shouldn't, but it sounds like they did not do at all what they should have, and you suffered greatly for it, so it is a possibility. Regardless, I'm sorry you had to think of that again. Sounds like a very hard day.

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