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Life is a beach ha ha!

Posted by bellachai , 04 December 2012 · 110 views

I still wonder if I am cursed cuz crap just follows crap lately.

My daughter caught a cold so it is not a big surprise that I now have a cold. Praying and hoping it does not turn into pnuemonia. Feel like crap.

So not surprising that my daughter's boyfriend is sick too but not with cold symptoms. Don't know what he is ill from cuz he shows no sign of illness. Whatever.

My mother called me in tears this morning. One of her cats died last night thankfully in his sleep peacefully. I can empathize with her cuz losing a pet is so difficult especially when one lives alone.

My computer died forever yesterday with a big pop. It is beyond repair. It would cost less to buy a new one which I cannot afford right now. My daughter has a computer that does not work right now but she used her paycheck to order what is needed to have her computer up and running.

Her friend has leant us her computer til the part arrives for my daughter's computer. I am so bummed. I will be her at Pandy's alot less as my daughter and her boyfriend do not share as well as I do. I just want my own computer.

Blessing to all

I hope you can find a way to be here as much as you want to and that everyone feels better.

Take care
Dec 07 2012 12:07 AM
Sorry things are so rough, Bella.... I hope things start looking up for you soon, or at least that you are able to come here more often than you think.

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